Kevin Sidenstricker

Audiobook Narrator, Voice Over Artist, Actor

I lived one dream in the US Navy as an F-14 Tomcat Radar Intercept Officer. Flying off of and landing on aircraft carriers was the experience of a lifetime! I was chasing my second dream by perfecting my craft as an actor full time in D.C. and Baltimore before moving to my hometown in southwest Missouri in 2014. After a few years in part-time radio music DJ and newstalk jobs I'm a full-time Casino Host and diving back into my audio booth.



Following a two-year break from audiobook narration, VO work, and acting I'm getting back in the game.

A day-player acting opportunity on the east coast is in work and I'm searching for other regional and large market auditions.

The office and booth are getting organized and dusted off. I'm buying and installing a new mixer. Great...something new to learn.