Adriatic, and Aegean Seas; and into the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans.  I flew for two years out of Japan and then, at one point, spent a year in Brussels speaking French while attending the Belgian Royal Defense College.  I retired from the Navy in 2008 and then finished an MBA at George Mason University.  Five years later I quit my full-time work as a Program Manager in the IT/Defense industry when I realized that acting part time was not going to allow me to reach my potential as an actor.  You can see in my "Resume" tab that I've been busy learning, practicing, and performing in TV, film, and on stage.  Now that I've returned to southwest Missouri I have created my own opportunity, Sidenstricker Voice Services, for audiobook narration and voiceover recording.  I also DJ for a local radio station. My wife, Christin, and I just got married in October - thanks for your support, Baby!

I was born in Joplin, Missouri.  After spending most of my youth in Kansas City, then graduating high school in Webb City, Missouri, I moved back to KC and graduated from DeVry Institute of Technology with a BS in Computer Information Systems.  Following 4 1/2 years of being enlisted in the US Navy and working on F-14 Tomcat avionics in the VF-1 Wolfpack, I was accepted to Aviation Officer Candidate School where I earned my officer commission and began flight school.  Earning my "Wings of Gold" in Pensacola, Florida, I was selected to fighter aviation and transferred to Naval Air Station Oceana where I learned to employ the Tomcat radar and weapons systems.


The next 13 years had me deploying from aircraft carriers and bases all over the world.  Carriers took me through the Suez Canal; into the Mediterranean

My Story